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What's the 411?

RMA PRICE CHANGE: $200.00 USD.Effective date 03/01/2022
BDX Cloud File Sync 2/3/22.
LWTS DLX fix implementation to fix, the invalid characters.
18-2021 Dodge Ram 2500 6.7L Now available on the GT with Preload. 1/25/22.
2022 Ford Explorer 3.0LPreload and custom tuning 69HP/65TQ.(2/24/22)
SD Request Walkthrough now in Onboarding New Discount Prices 30% Discount prices now Discontinued devices (Link)
RMA Price Increase this will take effect today! 3/1/22
GTX call Handle Changes! Efffective 03/11/2022
CAL-2444 has been completed on 5015PNC causing 11042! 3/15
X4 UI updates released on 3/17!
Production Center ETST-1624 03/22/22 Did not print No wifi On a Build of 7416PE.
Warning* Do not backdate an non wifi device 3/30/2022
ETST-1585 Search performance Improvement 3/31/2022
Vin Unlock Service fee Now is $ 200 USD.4/1/2022
ETPE-1282 7015/7015P Color inversion occuring at program vehicle after Tire size/Rev Selection.
ETPE-1129 VT86/88: Update to New UI 4/144/2022
ETPE-829 VT 118: Update to New UI
ETPE-761 VT117: Update to New UI
ETPE-757 VT5: Update to New UI
ETPE-755 VT52: Update to New UI
ETPE-738 VT86/88: Update to New UI
ETPE-1280 Release 2.62 Part 6
CAL-2369 2019-2022 2.7L Edge ST Preload Support
CAL-1862 Compliance | HP Documentation - Vehicle Group 13
CAL-1642 Compliance | HP Documentation - Vehicle Group 10
CAL-1645 Data Push] Ford Edge ST coverage updates
ETST-1642 Only show DataPoints on interpolated lines 4/5/2022
ETST-1641 Disable DataPoints rendering when zoomed out
ETST-1640 Create configuration option to toggle exporting CSV as interpolation compatible
ETST-1553 Live Datalogging
ETST-1521 LL2 Interpolate Library Performance Improvement
ETST-1520 Switch CSV NAN to Empty Fields
ETST-1519 Add Ribbon Botton to Switch between Interpolate/Stair Step
ETST-1518 Add Ribbon Button to Enable/Disable “real” Datapoint Dots
ETST-1374 Do not include calculated points in csv file
ETST-1373 Setting to set if dots are visible or not
ETST-1372 Differentiate dots from real data points vs interpolated points
ETST-1371 Add option to select interpolation on/off in PID list
ETST-1370 In Options, set default to show or hide interpolation
ETST-1369 Implement interpolated library in LL2 and show on graph
ETST-1368 Update library to include interpolated values
ETST-1598 Test LL Gen-II interpolation feature with live data logging
ETST-1552 Remove configure options from LiveLink settings page EST-1625 Show real data points persist when applying it to a data file that supports it and then opening a file that does not
ETST-1622 Livelink errors when importing a data log from an x3p
ETST-1619 livelink gen-ii interpolate and data points button state out of sync when starting a data log
ETST-1609 Stopping a data log is odd… ll-interpolation-stage build
ETST-1439 40470QA VT17 Battery Voltage DMR only reading 1.
ETST-1357 Livelink Gen 2- “Delete Files” only works after validation & starting log - LWTS
ETST-1340 Livelink Gen-II - Red Indicator Line Not Tracking Mouse
ETST-1249 Livelink Gen 2- “Delete Files” only works after validation & starting log - BDX & X4
ETST-1059 LiveLink Gen-II ENGINEERING - Import format has changed
ETST-1057 LiveLink Gen-II ENGINEERING - Import PIDs changed to all CAPITAL letters on names
ETST-1056 LiveLink Gen-II ENGINEERING - Cannot Export Selected PIDs
ETST-1048 LiveLink Gen-II - Config files do not work
ETST-1012 OSC DLX indexes may be wrong
ETST-984 OSC PIDs do not work on LWTS
ETST-919 Exception error when editing dmr in Livelink
ETST-1650* *LL2 Interpolation Bugs Fixed
ETPE-1282 7015/7015P – Color Inversion Occurring at Program Vehicle After Tire Size/Revs Selection 4/14/2022
ETPE-1227 BDX DLX only cloud files cannot be accessed from 'cloud sync' without also downloading a cloud tune 4/15/2022
ETPE-769 BDX Separate final key off request from download complete screen
ETPE-1270 BDX Cloud Tune selection indexing out of order
ETPE-586 40470QA VT59 Not removing ECM SWPN when a protected tune is flashed
CAL-2145 40490 – 2018 Ford Expedition 3.5L Eco Boost – Unsupported Vehicle with Preload (Ford)
CAL-2507 40490 2007 Dodge Ram 5.7L Unsupported vehicle 05094402AK
CAL-2521 40470 2018 Ford Expedition 3.5L requesting sth oph files PMGR2E3
CAL-2539 40470 2007 Dodge Ram 5.7L error 13002
CAL-2540 40470 2007 Dodge 5.7L Error 13002
ETST-1469 Unable to load a CEF file via Device Updater if we are offline 4/19/2022
ETST-1477 Improve performance returning VIN information 4/28/2022
VRW-536 Enhancement: Eliminating the need for a GT unlock cable for 2013-2017 Cummins 5/9/2022
VRW-697 40428 Cypress Ford 13-16 looking for wrong file.
VRW-731 40410 Cypress 11-13 dodge Durango Install causes Corrupted SD card
VRW-728 40420 Capsense ATL 13-17 dodge cummins Error with Lib file when recovering
VRW-725 40428 2017 Dodge Ram 6.7L service exhaust and def fluid message when installed on 1301
VRW-724 40410 11-13 dodge Durango Error 009
VRW-723 40410 cypress clone-NGC4 processor stuck “Unlocking vehicle-engine”
VRW-722 40410 release device with new cypress firmware is causing text overlap on splash screens
VRW-708 40410 Cypress Nissan/Infinity looking for wrong file.
VRW-707 40410 Cypress Nissan/Infinity looking for wrong file.
VRW-706 40410 Cypress DCX looking for wrong file.
VRW-705 40410 Cypress Ford VT17 looking for wrong file.
VRW-593 GT Cummins 13+ Device Reset Post Download (related to unlock enhancement)
VRW-271 40428 13-17 Dodge 6.7L Freezing at 99% or part 3 of the unlock
VRW-153 40417 2009 Jeep Wrangler 3.8L Files keep corrupting on card

Terminated Customers - Emissions Violations
C0000489 Rudy's Diesel Performance & Off Road
C0041120 Diesel Ops Performance
C0015415 Lund Tuning
C0039638 Truck Wurx
C0000468 Quick Tricks Automotive Performance
C0040347 Freedom Performance
C0011502 Wengerd Performance
C0000633 Cyclone Manufacturing
C0055858 Milliken Diesel Performance
C0150855 Redline Performance Motorsports
C0000466 Punch It Performance
C0032963 Hardway Performance Solutions
C0007405 Flash Performance
C0002243 RPM Motors Northwest
Customers on this list are classified as “No Contact” entities**

1-Avoid contact with these customers to the best of your ability. Do not respond to emails and avoid phone calls if possible. (As mentioned below, make sure you still document and forward that the business is trying to contact us)

A. If anyone affiliated with these businesses contacts sales or support the conversation must be brief.
B. Be polite but do not get pulled into a conversation.
C. Approved messaging: “We have stopped doing business with your company and cannot offer any support.”
2-Any calls, emails, or other contacts should be documented and forwarded to your manager who in turn will forward the details to the Executive team for awareness.
3-Any mentions, rumors, or other communication about these customers should also be forwarded to your manager.
4-No employees should speculate or engage in conversation about these companies with any other customer.
5-You can still support end-users of these customers as normal and follow other company policies. (I.E., no support for vehicles with emissions tampered with, no California customer, etc.)

Last Updated Entry Added on 5/14/2021

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